Vrsar is a village in Istria, Croatia.

Today, Vrsar is a tourist resort. Vrsar is situated close to a large archipelago with 18 unpopulated islets covered with Mediterranean plants.

Vrsar includes the Koversada nudist camp, which is the largest nudist resort in Europe. Its capacity is 18,500 guests per day.

Vrsar/Orsera was first part of the Venetian Commonwealth, then of the Kingdom of Italy. After the fall of Napoleon was under Austrian-Hungarian Empire up tp 1915 then became part of Italy (1918–1947) after was part of Jugoslavia since 1991 when entered in the Republic of Croatia.

After the annextion of Italy from the Rapallo’s Theatry, the population of Orsera/Vrsar was majority Italian (just 7% of slavic minorities). At the end of the Second World War, Jugoslavia forced 85% of Italians to left from Italy or Europe because Tito dictated their to become jugoslavian citizen, deleting everything is linkedin from Italian culture and languages. Some “Venetian Lion/Leoni di Venezia” were destroyed by the communist forces.

Actually, from 1992, in Vrsar/Orsera was reinstate the italian as official language nearby croatian language.