This is a list of islands of Croatia. There are over a thousand islands in Croatia, the exact number varying according to definitions, and they cover a total area of about 3,300 km2 (1,300 sq mi).

The number and classification of islands in Croatia varies over time and across different measurements, causing some domestic controversy when discrepancies are found

These are the larger ones, sorted approximately from northwest to southeast:

Northern seacoast

  • the Brijuni islands, also a national park
  • Krk, the largest along with Cres
  • Plavnik
  • Cres, the largest along with Krk
  • Lošinj
  • Ilovik
  • Unije
  • Susak
  • Prvić
  • Goli otok
  • Sveti Grgur
  • Rab
  • Pag
  • Olib
  • Silba
  • Premuda
  • Ist
  • Molat

Northern Dalmatia

  • Vir
  • Dugi otok
  • Ugljan
  • Pašman
  • the Kornati archipelago, also a national park
  • Krapanj
  • Murter
  • Sestrunj
  • Škarda
  • Zlarin

Central and southern Dalmatia

  • Čiovo
  • Drvenik
  • Šolta
  • Brač
  • Hvar
  • Vis
  • Biševo
  • Brusnik
  • Jabuka, closest to Italy
  • Svetac
  • Korčula, the most populated one
  • Lastovo
  • Mljet, includes a national park
  • the Elaphiti Islands: Koločep, Lopud, Šipan
  • Lokrum
  • Palagruža, southernmost one
  • Žirje
  • Žut

Hydrographic Institute definitions

The Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia classifies all landforms surrounded by water in the Adriatic Sea as islands, islets and rocks. The categorization is determined according to their surface area. Rocks are defined as islets smaller than 0.1 km², islets are between 0.1 and 1.0 km² and islands proper are bigger than 1.0 km².

# Number Area (km²) Percentage of
total area
length (km)
Percentage of
total coastline
Islands 79 3,195.71 3,573.81
Islets 525 62.41 717.80
Rocks and rocks awash 642 1.44 106.82
Total 1246 3,259.57 4,398.44
Source: T. Duplančić Leder, T. Ujević, M. Čala: Coastline lengths and areas… Geoadria, 9/1, 5-32, 2004.

According to measurements obtained in early 2000s the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea are Cres with an area of 405.70 km2, and Krk with an area of 405.22 km2 (In earlier literature, including atlases, Krk was usually cited as the largest island). The smallest island is Smokvica Vela (Kornati) with an area of 1.04 km2.

The island with the longest coastline of 302.47 km (187.95 mi) is Pag, being the fifth according to area value and the island with the shortest coastline length of 5.8 km (3.60 mi) is Vele Orjule.

The biggest islet is Badija with an area of 0.97 km2, while the smallest one is Galicija covering 0.01 km2.