Croatia is a land of great potential located in Southeastern Europe. It is renowned for its natural beauty, lush national parks, rich tradition and cultural heritage, delicious food and its warm and generous people.

Although the number of visitors is increasing every year, Croatia remains a hidden Mediterranean gem. It is diverse and simple at the same time. Driving through the country within just a few hours you will pass fields and plains, green hills and mountains, and encounter the enchanting coastline and its beautiful view of more than 1.200 islands and islets. A mere glance at the pristine blue sea will make you want to sail and explore them closely, one by one, as many celebrities and moguls do with their mega yachts.

The mild Mediterranean climate and way of life make Croatia a desirable country for relocating or for spending an unforgettable vacation. Because of these attributes, Croatia is also becoming interesting for investors who have begun to recognize Croatia’s great potential. A splendor and richness of experience can be found in every region of Croatia, each of which has its own character.

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